13 thoughts on “World Series of Poker WSOP 2009 Ep.02 – 4 cardplayertube.com

  1. haxton is a donkey.

  2. shut shut up and watch.

  3. a big hand to call with like ak aq he would be 50 50, that reraise could of easily pushed the kid of 66’s 7’s 8’s even 9’s but he was a gambler and made the call…dont diss raymer if you know nothing bout the game

  4. I REPEAT ON THE TURN…when raymer had kings…the guy needed to hit the heart to win on the river and did…it was an easy fold and he insta called, crippling raymer…that man finished 4th in the main event…Now that would be enough to call raymer a great player, but then raymer went on to win another 2 million in tournaments…I mean to call raymer bad is just absurd…raymer pushed there cause he was playing the player, the kid had been raising with everything and raymer figured if he had

  5. for those of you who keep calling raymer a bad player you are clearly clueless to poker. I am a very good player (nothing like these pros but grind out 75,000 to 80,000 in my spare time over the course of a year) and have learned to respect players like raymer…Raymer had perhaps the most impressive showings ever in poker by winning the wsop one year and the next year being a horrible call away from being chip leader with 30 to go…a man called raymer with a queen high flush draw ON THE TURN

  6. when you know the hand of all player its easy to say something… when you are in table its harder

  7. raymer is a bad player

  8. Sure is.

  9. i wish espn wsop coverage didn’t suck balls

  10. Raymer is getting fatter

  11. any pocket pair is a very strong hand in a 3 handed table. He just got unlucky for his opponent to have 99. He could just as easily hold two overcards and fold to the all in raise.

  12. raymer = donk

  13. They got in the hot tub and ended up playing each other for huge stakes? lolaments.

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