Vitaly Lunkin

Vitaly Lunkin is a professional poker player from the Russian Federation and he is one of the foremost of all poker players in the world, having won two World Series of Poker bracelets in his very short career that spans only 5 years as of now. He first played at the World Series of Poker in the year 2006 before which he had no experience whatsoever of playing poker at tournament level and his only experience of playing poker was with his friends back in Russia or on the internet which was his habitual time pass routine. He did not, however, have the most successful of debuts in the World Series of Poker and finished in 829th position but his biggest achievement during that tournament was that he reached the main event of the competition. He won the first of his two bracelets two years down the line in 2008 when he won the no limit event starting off with $ 1,500 and finishing with a total of $ 629,417.

Vitaly Lunkin won his second and till date, his last World Series of Poker bracelet the following year in 2009 and won a staggering $ 1,891,018 in the 40th anniversary of the No Limit Hold ‘em Poker event where he started off with just $ 40,000. He was also placed second only to the brilliance of Matt Graham, winning $ 419,832 in the Pot-Limit Omaha in the $ 10,000 World Championship at the same venue. He has also taken part in many poker tournaments and events all the world over ever since he achieved some sort of fame in the poker world after his initial exploits at the World Series of Poker in his first attempt. He won the Russian Poker Tour that was held in Moscow where he also works as a trainer and coach for young poker players professionally to this day.

His earnings from live tournaments exceed $ 3 million, $ 3,900,000 to be exact and most of that money, amounting to almost $ 3,369,230 is from his cashing that he got from the World Series of Poker events. Vitaly Lunkin has also played on the World Poker Tour as well as the European Poker Tour and he has had only one money finish in the latter event. The highest main event finish in the ITM event for Vitaly Lunkin is 308 which he achieved in 2009.

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