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Vitaly Lunkin Won a Whopping $1.8 million

Vitaly Lunkin is often considered as the best poker player from Russia though he did not keep himself into that limitation and express his good poker skills to the entire world. In 2009, he stared with a bang and finished the World Series Poker achieving the 2nd place. With his good playing attitude and experience, he has become one of the best opponents at the poker table. However, this great success in 2009 WSOP event really boosted his confidence. Actually he was introduced in this game by one of his friends after giving a good performance in the strategic games like Renju and backgammon and since then Lukin never looked back.

In 2006, Vitaly moved to the World Series of Poker Main Even and won $15K after dominating the tournaments at his home. The year, 2008 was very successful and lucky for Luking as in this year he won his first WSOP bracelet in the $1500 No Limit Hold’em competition that netted him $630K. Actually it is the determination and dedication of Lukin that help him to become a great poker player.

Lukin did not stop there and carried his good performance and by 2009, he is considered as an established professional poker player. After that he won the biggest victory of his life by finishing at the first place in WSOP event of $40K No Limit Hold’em event where he wrapped up a huge $1.8 million. With these great successes, Lukin managed to enlist his name at the third position of the Russian All Time Money List by earning more than $3 million from the live tournaments. Vitaly Lukin is not only an outstanding poker player but he also enhances this game to a different level. In recent years, Luking is sharing his poker experiences as a profession coach and trainer in Moscow, Russia.

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An unforgotten player

Vitaly Lunkin was born in Moscow, Russia as a Russian professional poker player he won 2 World Series of Poker bracelets. In 2009 World Series of Poker it was just starting of Lunkin poker life. In the same year on the day 20th June he finished 2nd to Matthew Graham in the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha event adding an additional $419,832 to his bankroll. After some days he made another victory with the last game, at this time he placed at 4th at the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E tournament which is called a hard event in poker. This event also indicate the world champion of poker at the end he earned $38,812.
Vitaly Lunkin has just back to earn $4,000,000, by 1000 dollar in his poker game carrier. This number of amount put him in 2nd place in the list on Russia’s where he was every-time money leaders following Ivan Demidov and as well as get position in listed of 4th Europe’s all-time money list.

In Russia he also earned some extra money by working as a poker coach but during this summer season Russia made poker illegal at the same period casino point shut down at few locations it treated as illegal game.

Vitaly is a Full Tilt Poker sponsored player when usually watched to playing both series on the online poker table and the cash games too. In 2008 this Russian player played in WSOP 1,500 dollars event of limit hold’em -buy-in no- to succeed his first bracelet. This was his 2nd main cash tournament and he earned just about $628,000.By the year in 2009 he succeed 2 major innings included PokerStars Russian Poker Tour main event in Moscow which held in May to earn $433,741. At the 1st event of the World Series of Poker Vitaly won the 40th annual no-limit hold’em tournament for $1,891,012. Overall he played well in poker world and includes a name in poker stars.

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Where are they now?

Vitaly Lunkin is a popular poker player with analytic business skills. He is 38 years old who made his first cash in WSOP 2003. He also got the success at 2008 and 2009 WSOP main event. He is a Russian player counted as one of the top players in poker history. He decided to start his gambling career with easy games like backgammon and Renju. His friend encouraged him to join poker. Initially he was not serious about the play. Then he took his perfect road to poker in 2006 WSOP main event.

In 2008, he won his first bracelet at Texas Holdem tournament. In 2009, he was established as a respected poker player in poker history. Then he won his second WSOP 2009 event where he finished with 3rd position. He has also worked as a professional poker coach and trainer. Usually you love to listen about popular names in poker history. Here we are focusing on Vitaly Lunkin achievements.

Till now, Vitaly Lunkin has participated in multiple poker tournaments. He has made six cashes at WSOP event. He also won his second WSOP bracelet with his impressive performance. Before participating in poker events, he was already a player at Russia. He was playing multiple games from an early age. He became interested in poker in his adulthood only. We all know that poker is legal in USA.

There are different rules for different games but passion is same. The ultimate aim is to achieve victory at the end. Vitaly Lunkin was also playing with the same passion. Now he started playing poker at high level. He was participating in WSOP and WTP events. He was also earning huge profits with his efforts. He was playing this game on regular basis. Eventually, he proved himself as a skilled player.

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How Rich is Vitaly Lunkin?

The clock is ticking for Vitaly Lunkin as he prepares to take on everyone who would be coming to WSOP 2012.  In November Nine, Las Vegas would be coming alive as the richest and poorest poker players would be meeting in the final table Main Event.  It is not going to be easy on Vitaly Lunkin because he would be meeting the most skillful men who are going to play against him.   In any poker game, it is imperative that you understand the strategy of every player on the table.  Poker is a classic and has become a game that would help those who are nothing to be something when it comes to financial commitment.

Money is the number one thing that comes in winning a game of poker. There is no poker game that is not associated with money. Gambling is the spice of poker and if a poker player is playing for the fun of playing without thinking about the money, it would be disastrous. The money that is won at the end of a tournament is what gives the winner a sense of achievement.   In 2012, a lot of games have been played and more would be played until the end of the year.

Vitaly Lunkin is not going to finish this year without winning a major tournament. The reason for this is because it is now possible for black horses like Sam Holden to win any poker game like WSOP. And because of this, there is no guarantee that a player would win this year’s WSOP poker game.  It is going to be fierce and exciting with suspense as men arrive Las Vegas this November for the most lucrative game in poker.  The money of WSOP is the glory, millionaires have been raised and another poker player would be getting richer this November at the end of the game.

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Hope of Russia

Finally, poker has woken some countries like Russia has woken from her long slumber of not winning or playing important poker tournaments in the world with men like Vitaly Lunkin who are visiting Las Vegas November Nine 2012 for the Main Event of World Series of Poker.  This is because he wants to make an impression that would last for a long time in poker community if he should win the gold bracelet prize not to talk of the financial offer that is included in the package.

The 108 day break in poker action has ended as action has begun again on July 8 in Las Vegas in the scorching heat of this year’s summer. The final table playing would be in November that would leave only a player as a winner.

Russia has produced great players like Alexander Kravchenko and Ivan Demidov which is why Lunkin is getting better after each meet with these great players. We are expecting these men to turn around the clock of poker if they can win 2012 World Series of Poker Main Tounamnet. They have all it takes to win this prize and no matter how challenging November Nine would be, they can emerge the winners so that Russia would be motivated the more in playing poker like United States of America. It does not matter who begins the playing or dominating poker now. This is because come November Nine, Vitaly Lunkin may be the winner. He has all that it takes to be a champion in poker in Las Vegas. He can formulate how he would win this game because Russia needs it now. However, it is not a small feat that he can be motivated to win because they are lots of professional poker players having sleepless night to win this game.

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iPoker confirms split

There is a new policy in town that will start dividing players into their own separate player pools when you’re playing on the iPoker network. These changes are made official on July 1 will take effect on September 1. Ipoker currently holds the largest online poker network and player pool and the closest one to them is PokerStars, played by Joseph Hachem and Phil Ivey amongst others.

Some of the new rules that this company is changing will take effect on July 1 but some of the major changes need more time to take effect. This is why on September 1 everybody on the Ipoker Network will be dividing players into their own separate plane pools because of how many people they have joining the website. They also confirm in a written document from pokerfuse that in February the network was considering to move.

According to this division there will be two different tiers of players. The first tier will operate with one pool of players which will only be allowed to play on the lower tables for lower dollar amounts. The top tier of players will not only have access to the lower tables but they will be ready to play at the more expensive tables online. In order to be considered for the top tier you must meet the monthly targets of that room for a month. They will also take into consideration the balances of the player’s accounts.

Operating publicly by the UK Company Playtech the eye and network currently has over 40 gaming websites are recognized by high-street bookmark are such as William hill, BetFred and Patty Power.

According to the document that was released by Playtech’s corporation the sole purpose of these changes is to maximize the user’s experience when gambling online. This company is willing to focus on to main things and that is to extend the players lifetime experience on the network and to balance the amount mount of customers that are constantly coming and going.