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PokerStars Players In Festive Spirit

November has almost come to an end and most people are already busy preparing for December.

As far as PokerStars are concerned, it has already started the Christmas festival so as to make the players get into the holiday spirit. There is no denying that December is the month that makes people get into the festive mood as they start the decoration and other planning to make the Christmas festival the best one. Over 45 million will be distributed as awards through the end of this year.

Many players are delighted to see free rolls on the online poker site. However, a tournament offering $1 million prize pool will certainly make every poker player crave for a seat. The $1 million free roll has been already in action and offering opportunities to win seats for 29th November.

Challenges are made available on a daily basis and players can choose with the help of the Challenge Window. Once done, players will be registered automatically for the upcoming daily all in Shootout sequence that places all players for a wild ride automatically. There is no need for players to pay attention to the tournament for winning as the top players will be offered free roll seats.

If players miss the deadline, there is certainly a way out. With special daily challenges being held on 30th November and 1st December, players can win tickets to take part in the Last Chance Skill Qualifier. The free roll of $1 million will take place on 1st December in the afternoon, which will be applicable for qualified players alone. The overall prize pool amount will be $1 million, in addition to $10k for the winner. This is a guaranteed prize that can be taken home by the winner. Well, December will be filled with Christmas spirit and also players will be in high spirit to play the game and take home lump sum amount.