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Media Campaigns For Casinos

The recent poll shows that the planning on adding casinos in North Jersey is losing its grip.

The media campaign for pushing the approval of the ballot question in November has been terminated as per reports. The latest ads from Our Turn NJ came into limelight on 10th of September. With the objective to put casinos near to New York City, 5 video ads were released by the group last month as per its YouTube page. Jeff Gural, the chairman of Meadowlands Racetrack and Paul Fireman, the former chairman of Reebok are the main supporters of the group. They have proposed individual casino projects of their own in North Jersey. Majority of Gov. Chris Christie and Garden State lawmakers are supporting the idea to break the casino of Atlantic City. However, voters are showing hesitance towards this step.

Both Gural and Fireman issued a statement this week stating that the expansion of gaming in North Jersey is a great opportunity that should not be wasted. These two men have invested $4 billion in the state of New Jersey to develop some high class resort destinations that would have gaming. Continue reading Media Campaigns For Casinos

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The tribal gaming revenue hit a new level

Native American groups’ casinos from the Native American groups took in US$ 28.9 billion from gambling enthusiasts in the year 2014, as per Casino City’s Indian Gaming Industry Report that was unveiled on Thursday.
There were two-hundred-forty-three Native American tribes operating approximately 352000 gaming machines as well as almost 7800 table games in 489 gaming facilities throughout 28 states, said the report.
Even though the US$ 28.9 billion was actually a record, it was only a 2% raise compared to the year 2013. It was the 5th straight year that experienced a gaming revenue uptick. The tribal gaming is running quite well compared to casinos like those ones in Las Vegas. The Indian gaming garnered 43.5% of all casino in the United States gaming revenue in the year 2014.
The best thing is that the growth rate of non-gaming receipts at Indian gaming places was 5% year-over-year. The casinos in Nevada have seen a similar tendency of non-gaming facilities driving growth instead of casino floor. Las Vegas gaming gain has primarily been unaltered for the last few years.

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Card Player magazine offering holiday special subscription

Card Player Magazine’s subscription is now standing at just $1 per issue with new a brand new Holiday Subscription Special.

Now, people can get their hands at his magazine’s twenty-six issues (one every 2 weeks) for only US$26. However, there would be extra shipping costs for international subscribers.
The magazine, along with an archive of over five-hundred issues, is now available to be seen in rich media flash variants or mobile-friendly HTML formats for every subscribers. Each of the issues would carry the newest industry news, player interviews, strategy columns and tournament results from brilliant poker minds like Bryan Devonshire, Ed Miller, Gavin Griffin, Bernard Lee, Steve Zolotow, Jonathan Little, Bob Ciaffone, Roy Cooke, Ben Yu and several others. If you already have the subscription, offer a gift to that very special pokerphile in your life at a divide of the original price.

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Season12, European Poker Tour Schedule is highlighted by the inclusion of Dublin

The season 11 is drawing to a close for the European Poker Tour by the end of this week, but enthusiasm is already being witnessed for of the season 12, as the pertaining announcement was made at the 2015 Grand Final of Monte-Carlo Casino EPT and PokerStars. These are amazing tournaments.

The EPT President Edgar Stuchly told that the starting with the stunning celebrations of EPT100 in August to the Grand Finale of the 11th EPAT in Monaco, the season has been a spectacular success so the organizers are overwhelmingly excited regarding the next season.  He further said that more than €100 million have been awarded to players in the European Poker history for the first time and the season had a tremendous entry count of 60,000 players.

For the Season 12 six stops have been announced and the seventh spot will be decided in March. The tournament schedule will be featuring Barcelona, PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, Malta, Prague, Monte Carlo and Dublin. You can check the website for the calendar where you will have the details of the dates related to the above stops.

Barcelona has been a regular in the tour since the starting of Season 1 and the festivity witnessed here is massive.  This “City Of Counts” will be eagerly expected again owing to its consistency in record breaking performances and also the Estrellas Poker Tour association. Continue reading Season12, European Poker Tour Schedule is highlighted by the inclusion of Dublin

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Luckiest Persons Will Meet The Top Star Scotty Nguyen This Year

The moment is likely to come when the top seeded player is visiting Las Vegas to play for huge $45000 in 46th WSOP.  Just have some inspiration from this top seeded poker player as he has left his house to become something.  He is residing in Vietnam and has a good name and fame.  He started professionally playing poker and earned a huge following.  In simple way, many persons of this city as well as from other parts of the world will be able to see their ideal player.

This player has proved that if mettle used, no doubt the person will shine on any front.  Since 1997, when he earned his first WSOP bracelet he never looked back.  He got a break in the poker from a royal family of United States of America and got a fine take off.  Now after a hard and dedicated work in this field, he lands very often in various parts of the world.  Quick take offs are also become the part of life of Scotty as sometimes in one day he has to visit various cities of the world. Continue reading Luckiest Persons Will Meet The Top Star Scotty Nguyen This Year