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Media Campaigns For Casinos

The recent poll shows that the planning on adding casinos in North Jersey is losing its grip.

The media campaign for pushing the approval of the ballot question in November has been terminated as per reports. The latest ads from Our Turn NJ came into limelight on 10th of September. With the objective to put casinos near to New York City, 5 video ads were released by the group last month as per its YouTube page. Jeff Gural, the chairman of Meadowlands Racetrack and Paul Fireman, the former chairman of Reebok are the main supporters of the group. They have proposed individual casino projects of their own in North Jersey. Majority of Gov. Chris Christie and Garden State lawmakers are supporting the idea to break the casino of Atlantic City. However, voters are showing hesitance towards this step.

Both Gural and Fireman issued a statement this week stating that the expansion of gaming in North Jersey is a great opportunity that should not be wasted. These two men have invested $4 billion in the state of New Jersey to develop some high class resort destinations that would have gaming.

As a result, there would be employment opportunities of nearly 43,000 and millions of dollars of revenue. This is indeed a great and rare chance for the state or else the state may risk losing it forever. The information does speak for itself. The existing political climate of New Jersey and the concerns of voters about lack of details on the effort have been very disappointing. There is no impact even after knowing that the gaming company which sends gaming dollars to the people of New Jersey to Malaysia is sponsoring opposition ads. The campaign will be suspended with high reluctance.

These were some of the information that was included in the statement. There is no doubt that this is a great opportunity for the state and should be well utilized.