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Lunkin mumbling and then shoving Ace 7 offsuit

Vitaly Lunkin Movie Score: 5 / 5

6 thoughts on “Lunkin mumbling and then shoving Ace 7 offsuit

  1. i guess its very easy for everyone watching a hand to criticise and make a
    comment of the style: .. he is a donkey, or he is a luckbox but tbh I think
    poker is a game that only the result matters only and not our personal
    opinions about how good or bad someone tis.. and also think this shove was
    not an optimal move but the guy was running extremely well in that final
    table.. as far as final results I think if we look at this poker
    tournaments history he has done good for himself. 

  2. rubbish shove but the donkey gets rewarded sick bs

  3. is that silverman co-commentating? his voice make me wanna cut my ears off

  4. Lunkin is just such a luckbox!

  5. he’s such a retard ahahaha

  6. russian pokerstars style hahahahaha hmmmm a7 ? all in… 

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