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Liv Boeree Tinge in Poker is Indelible

When a lady downplays the brilliance of men at a poker table, they also tend to outshine them on status. Gone are the days when poker was a man’s game as women have also emerged as pros and top-notch players at the global level. A look at Liv Boeree resume lucidly reinforces the place of women in the contemporary gambling. She has participated in various events where she has won first place prize alongside other excellent performances. She has also won high profile poker events like the EPT which cements her reputation in poker. She also has fifty-one cashes, and has amassed more than $2,538,518. In the view of her success, her position in the global poker world is among the top-ranked pros. Her entries are numerous, but highlighting her greatest achievements will reinforce her profoundness.

At the fore, her second place at the (UKIPT) Event (3rd NLHE) is her best in these events which she scored on the 16th January, 2014. She was also ranked 50th in the January, 2014 EPT Main Event 6 NLHE, she was 50th and 48th in the Season 9 of the same event where she took in $32,000 and $21,518 respectively. In the July 3, 2013WSOP NLHE Event 58, she placed 107th and got her jackpot $3,723. Antecedently, in 44th WSOP NLHE 2013, she was 54th and went home with $3,168. She has participated in a wide range of events which intimates she is a go getter. Her 13th position in the Aussie Millions NLHE is among her best scores, but she still has the aptitude do more than this.

Her recent appearance in the wagering industry came on February 2, 2014 when she appeared at the APPT Pokerstars Aussie Millions where she placed 28th to go home with $36,807. She was also 12th in the European Poker Tour in Monte Carlo on April where she garnered $12,446. With her active history in main events, other winnings may be on the way, but it’s only her strategies that will propel her forward.

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Farzad Bonyadi

Farzad Bonyadi was born in 1959 at Iran and he spent most of his life playing poker. At very young age, he started playing poker with his family and neighbors. After completing his graduation, he finally moved to California. He started working as a host in casino. He was very much passionate about poker and finally became a professional poke player. He was making most of his earning through cash games and finally he started participating in major poker events like WSOP and WTP. It was 1994 when he was able to make his final table. Continue reading Farzad Bonyadi

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John Cernuto

John claims to have practical experience in O8 competitions these days, yet it isn’t on the grounds that he can’t play different formats, a long way from it. 3 WSOP bracelets to his name and various WSOP trades in for cold hard currency practically every conceivable poker variant spread is demonstration of a decently adjusted and capable player.

In the wake of taking an interest buzzing around activity controllers strike and being terminated, Cernuto turned to poker games. His incredible enthusiasm and discipline for the game has abandoned him in it for 23 years.

At 66 years of age, “Miami” John Cernuto is far and away the senior statesman of the NAPT Venetian Main Event last table. A 30-year veteran of the diversion, Cernuto began considering poker important in 1981. He’d been acting as an air movement controller until the notorious union strike of 1981, in which then President Ronald Reagan terminated 11,000 of Cernuto’s associates, and additionally Cernuto himself. The after-effect of the strike required a profession change, so Cernuto turned to poker for his occupation.

One of the diversion’s most regarded old schoolers, “Miami” John has three World Series of Poker (WSOP) arm ornaments to his name, notwithstanding a noteworthy 47 WSOP liquidates. Notwithstanding his World Series triumph, Cernuto has twice gotten the money for on the European Poker Tour (EPT).

This father of two calls Las Vegas home and is undoubtedly the best known player at the last table. Cernuto will unbag 1,310,000 in chips at the last table.

Cernuto was up there making the last table of the 1989 WSOP seven card stud occasion and in addition completing in the cash an alternate five times. Finally he caught the principle prize when he asserted the 1996 WSOP $1,500 seven card stud part competition. He accompanied that up with wins in the 1997 WSOP $2,000 No Limit hold’em occasion and 2002 $1,500 limit Omaha.

By prudence of his three bracelets, Cernuto was currently named one of the most amazing in poker. He won the 2003 World Heads-Up Poker Championship in Vienna, a confirmation of his poker playing capability. He likewise made the last table at the 2005 Poker Stars WPT Caribbean Poker Adventure occasion.

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Tobey Maguire and the Celebrity poker series

Tired of viewing your top choice superstars in action before your TV? What about accompanying the stimulation news for their most recent victory or in a few cases, their most recent ruin? At that point, this is the ideal place to watch and accompany your top choice famous people in playing poker and contending with one another in a round of cards. Star poker competition has picked up in prominence. Individuals need to see their top choice VIP in poker rooms, sitting round the poker -table with stacks of poker-chips, and sweating it out the same as is the custom when playing poker. Continue reading Tobey Maguire and the Celebrity poker series

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Who is missing so far at WSOP tournament 2013?

There are already two weeks are completed for WSOP tournament 2013 and game is going exotic with wonderful poker profiles like Tom Schneider, Mark Radoja, and Rio. Mark Radoja is a Canadian poker player who has won $5 million No Limit Hold’em tournament 2011. He has also made several final tables during his entire poker career. Tom Schneider was declared player of the year in 2007and he has also won three WSOP bracelet and $15 million during his entire poker career. He is doing wonderful in the poker world with incredible score and achievements.

There were plenty of noticeable personalities that were missing at the WSOP main event 2013. After a good research, we have compiled a list of players that were missing at the tournament. Some players consider participating in online poker tournaments as it is more profitable for the players as compared to WSOP tournament. The first name that is missing in WSOP tournament is Tom Durrr Dwan. He has participated in endless WSOP tournaments and he has won number of gold bracelets also. We are not sure why he has missed such an exotic event this year. He usually can be seen in Macau to attend big poker tournaments.

The other noticeable names are Ben Tollerence, Isaac Haxton, and Dan Cates. They were not able to play in the tournament because they were away from the destination and it was not possible for them to visit the place. Haxton has also participated in plenty of Asia Millions event. Finally, most popular name that was not seen during the tournament was “Viktor Blom”.  He has won endless poker events and cash amount till now. Sometimes, he does not enjoy participating in live poker events. This may be the reason he was not seen during WSOP tournament 2013.

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Nani Dollison

From South Korea, and born with the name of Kun Nan Dollison, this legendary poker player spent her initial years there itself. After marriage, she moved on to the United States and this is where she took up various odd jobs to support herself as her marriage did not last long. Just after a year, she was divorced and this was when she found a job at a club where she was first a chip runner and later moved on to being a poke dealer. This was the turning point of her career as she had already mastered the game. Before she took up the job as a dealer, she had mastered the game from her ex boyfriend.

Fondly known as Nani Dollison, she knew how the cards were dealt and this worked to her advantage when she was at the receiving end. She knew that she had no college degree to rely on which would give her a job and would support her. Poker was the best option for her as it would provide her with the stability of income which she needed. With little cash in hand, she had to make sure that she invested it wisely in the games so that her winnings would increase and would leave her with sufficient money to take on the next challenge.

The year 1998 saw her winning playing and winning the first cash game which provide her with the stability she was craving for. From here there has been no looking back for her. She has been winning and reaching the final tables of some of the events. With lots of ups and downs, wherein she lost a lot of money in some of the games, it became a path of struggle for her. All the hardships did not deter her from her goal and she kept on her winning streak.