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Betty White Turns 95 This Year

One of the longest living actresses in Hollywood today, Betty White, the actress in Hollywood, turns 95.

She is the Hollywood longest living actress, on her 95th birthday, she has some special plan. She wants to spend her birthday playing poker and taking a vodka tonic.

The actress turns 95 and so, everyone curious, including her relatives and friends to know what she is going to do to make her 95th birthday special.

A friend of White disclosed her party plan and said, White is going to spare time with her girlfriend and will play poker with her on her special day. She wanted to have a vodka tonic too, along with the game of poker.

Not slowing down

The age of the actress is growing, but it does not seem to be slow down. She is very much active and takes interest in doing things. Like every morning she used newspaper page to page. To get mental exercise, she solves two crossword puzzles each day. She walks twice in a week with her physiotherapist, combined with some light exercise.

White is also a lover of Golf game and she watches this game every Sunday on television. She used to call her close friends and watch game with them. The maid of White, Edna McNair has become the friend of White. She says White has a strong desire to live long. She is now 95, but want to celebrate more birthdays. She says, we both tease each other about how long they are going to live and we say we will touch the figure of 120.

However, on this birthday, White is going to play poker with another friend of hers. When asked about the secret behind the long life of White, her close one says hot dog and a vodka tonic.