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Timofey Kuznetsov Enters Team PartyPoker

PartyPoker has been on the lookout to plant itself as one of the best online poker rooms and has been striving to align its team with their skills as a company. The Russian online crusher none other than Timofey Trueteller Kuznetsov is the latest poker champion to join PartyPoker. The 27-year-old is quite a popular online poker player at the nosebleed stakes and has recently appeared in the live platform. Kuznetsov has achieved 18th place as far as the biggest online poker winners list is concerned. The pro has achieved under $3.1 million over 589,030 hands since 2011 till his recent online game in 2018.

The renowned online pro has succeeded to keep his real identity covered until a few years back in 2015. That is the time when people came to know of his skills in no-limit Hold’em as he played the famous names such as Victor Isildur1 Blom at high stakes. The online crusher only has 3 live tournament cash are which is close to $3 million. One of the first cash came in when he achieved 4th place in Aria $500K Super High Roller Bowl event in 2015 for $2.15. Kuznetsov achieved a $50K high roller in 2016 for the same Aria series for $748,446.
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Daniel Negreanu Showed Concerns About Online Poker Seat Scripting

Report informed that Daniel Negreanu was worried about the poker game. As soon as he sat for playing, the table filled immediately. Well, here is the information about a software which is known as seat scripting that help people to avail the best app to sit in new game when someone is sitting and playing. Then one can decide whether to play or else they can discontinue. Thus, this is absolutely advantageous for people around.

The Poker sessions went well because of the coaches to help. To do something different from the opponents is really important. Two sessions took place and in both the sessions, as soon as the Sit Out button was hit, a person has to leave the table. It is clear that people play because of the players and they quit when players quit.
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‘Match’ Poker Now In Process For Olympics Consideration

Variation of hold’em receives so-called ‘Observer Status’

Poker at the Olympics?

In the beginning of this month, the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), says it works in close association with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), made an announced that activities such as foosball, arm wrestling, dodge ball and the game poker has achieved the status of “observer status.

The group of Switzerland said that receiving the distinction is the initial step in a process toward the potential debut of game at the Olympics.

Patrick Baumann, the GAISF President said, “We welcome our first observers. This is a very exciting time for us as well as for them and we will do everything within our limits to help them to realize their potential as International Federations (IF) within the world sport’s family and, one day, become part of the Olympic program maybe. The debut of new sports as Tokyo 2020 Olympic and at the (BAYO) Buenos Aires Youth Olympics is the evidence, there is a pathway present.
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WSOP High Roller Winner

Hakim Zoufri was able to win big at the WSOP International Circuit that was held in Rotterdam.

It is part of the World Tour of Poker that is being held at different destinations across the world, Netherlands having been added to the list of destinations this year of the tour schedule. The high roller event saw Hakim Zoufri winning an inaugural amount of €3,500. He was able to cash in big after two days of game at this event. The total player field comprised of 65 players. The taste of success at the WSOP International Circuit is coming new to many players who are able to compete at this novel venue of Rotterdam, where this poker tournament is having a stop for the first time. The final table at the high roller event saw eight players representing the nation, defined as the Oranjemen. Zoufri, when he started to play, had a short stack and he opted to re enter. This helped him build his stack anew and move it all the way to the ring of the WSOP Circuit. Continue reading WSOP High Roller Winner

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Antonius Looking To Open Poker Room In Monaco

Patrik Antonius is a very popular poker player and was one of the kings of poker.

He was a successful player even before poker had established and was responsible for the poker boom. Antonius was a very popular online poker player and his good looks and gaming skills really gave him a superstar status. Patrick is not very active in poker these days after Full Tilt, the popular poker room online stopped its operations. He still loves the game and plays it from time to time.

Antonius is living in Monaco at present and is taking part in the PokerStars Championship in Monte Carlo. On the sidelines of this event, Antonio opened his heart out to the press and said that he was very happy with his life now. He loves spending time with his kids and family in Monaco and is not interested in spending a lot of time away from home. He feels that Europe is starved of bigger and regular poker games and this is the only drawback that he sees in this part of the world. He loves to play cash games and there are not enough opportunities in Monaco or nearby areas for the same. Continue reading Antonius Looking To Open Poker Room In Monaco

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Vitaly Lunkin Fed Up With Las Vegas

The Russian poker Vitaly Lunkin is not happy to visit Las Vegas to take part in the World Series of Poker event in 2014.

He said that he had plans to visit Las Vegas and to try his luck out at the WSOP event. But, he did not get the tickets for the trip to Las Vegas at a price that he could afford. It was way too expensive for him and this is why he decided to not visit the WSOP in Las Vegas in 2014.

Vitaly said that he was at the crossroads and did not know what to do. He said that he has had enough experience of Las Vegas after visiting there for a couple of years. Vitaly thoroughly enjoyed his stay and play at the WSOP Las Vegas event, but felt that he did not feel that it was the right place for him. He has taken time off to visit all the shows and seen most of what Las Vegas has to offer. He feels that there is nothing more to experience in Las Vegas as well. Continue reading Vitaly Lunkin Fed Up With Las Vegas